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Apple Television Price

This apple television remote has cosmetic damage.

Apple Televisions

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This apple television remote is genuine oem and has no signs of use or wear. The silver color is how it will be shown on your apple tv. The mm4t2ama has no message boards or other features that will be visible to the general public. This apple tv remote is for use with the original apple tv power switch and not the newer, such as the apple tv 9h1. this is a genuine oem apple remote for apple tv. The silver color is also a favorite color of apple. This remote is in great condition and has no dings or marks. The black handle is also a great color. This product also comes with a young handle (new in product). This product is perfect for a new apple tv owner who wants to keep his or her tv safe and clean. The silver color iss which may be found on some apple devices. This one has some cosmetic damage to the back which may or may not be due to the silver color. It is still a great product, and will work perfectly fine for your apple tv. The silver color is very easy to find. This remote has had some cosmetic damage that has not causing the remote to stop working. It is still a good product and will last.