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Philco Television

Television was originally designed as a surrogate to target potential tv customer in the early 1950 this era offers a mid-century look and feel, and is capable of playing legacy Television as well as newer, higher-quality Television brands, the Television is available in two sizes, large and small, and grants a white or black finish. It is likewise compatible with philco's range of radios, including the radio facilitating uncomplicated feeding of standard Television programs.

Philco Televisions

Is a barber pole tv that allows viewers to watch tv in the comfort of their home, with philco's feature, you can watch your favorite shows or movies without having to leave your living room. This 1958 safari tv is an enticing opportunity to purchase one of the best memories of your life, this beautiful tv was made by and is a portable one-of-a-kind product that can be used for Television watching or storage. The safari tv was originally bought by from a friend and gives now been used extensively both at friends and at stores, this being an 1958 tv, you can expect the old-school look and feel with this 1958 tv. Ford Television is an 1958 model that is lime green and renders a blue and white logo, it is a portable tv that is best for watching Television shows and movies. It is with a monitor and gives a reasonable price for the type of tv it is, this Television was used but in top condition when originally bought. It is working and function is still good, the Television have many of the features of the original design such as a voltage control, and a speaker. This Television is a valuable addition to collection.