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Television Tube

Introducing the nixie Tube clock, a sleek new video clock that uses standard nixie tubes to create an unique and ascetic wanting clock, this clock use's a blue backlight that gives the clock a pre-set background color, or you can choose to handle your own favorite color. The clock also includes a black pcb to add a little interactive fun to your video.

Tubes Television

The rca special red 5692 Tube is a tested tv that offers a fantastic value for the price, it is conjointly a top-grade surrogate for admirers who wish to watch Television without having to go through a movie theater. This Tube is in like manner compatible with the test code 8068, this is a Television Tube kit that is matched pair with the 1965 japan 12 a vacuum tubes. The kit includes 12 a tubes, is offering bag of lot 100 assorted mix-druums tubes. The bags are free shipping, and the tubes are assorted mixed tubes, this makes them terrific for a wide variety of applications, from petunias to nuclear winter forecasting. The 12 test bed is fully balanced and gives 14 mm shield logos, this Tube is fantastic for the Television or movie make-up.