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Transistor Television

The 1960 s were a time of change for Television technology, with the advent of transistors, more and more families were starting to experiment with this new form of communication. This Transistor Television is from the early 1960 s and it's in excellent condition, it's been used less than other models and offers been used for news shows, children's shows, and more. This model was a model and chances are you'll find it for sale at a fraction of the price of this.

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Crown CTV-12 Micro Television All Transistor Manual Ear Piece Battery Pack 1960s

Crown CTV-12 Micro Television All

By Crown Radio Corporation


Vintage 1960's JVC, Delmonico, Nivco model 4T-40UHF, 4

Vintage 1960's JVC, Delmonico, Nivco

By JVC, Delmonico, Nivco


Top 10 Transistor Television

The sony solid state tv-500 u is a Transistor Television that uses your home's ac power, it is valuable for admirers who grove on to watch tv via Television broadcast over ethernet. This Television also allows you to com through its web browser and com articles through its playbook feature, additionally, the tv-500 u can play purchased tv files, but does not play movies or music. It also presents a heatsink and this very rare Transistor Television is with a case, it is from the early 1960 s and was used for Television programming. The programming was often produced in the early days of digital television, this wonderful tv is interesting because of the transistorization of the tv screen technology. This sony 5-307 uw is a vintage portable all channel Transistor Television tv receiver, it is portable all channel Transistor television's fantastic for the newer tv receiver lover who wants to add additional pre-recorded shows to their tv set-up. The tv receiver can handle up to four channels with no problems, the Transistor Television presents a top sound with terrific sound quality. This tv receiver is in like manner uncomplicated to operate with a simple set-up, the Transistor Television is a peerless addition to your tv set-up. This is a vintage sony 5-305 uw all-channel Transistor broadcast receiver that you can use to watch Television programs from your home or office, the machine presents a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for Television use, and it can be used to watch Television programs from within a computer or on a linked device. This machine as well basic to set up and use, making it an exceptional substitute for people who wish to watch Television programs without any experience or training.